Yes, Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders is a Thing…And Use of It is Expanding Around the World


According to Hurst’s comments, chemical castration isn’t even enough for him. “My preference would be if someone does a small infant child like that, they need to die,” Hurst explained. “God’s going to deal with them one day.”

Although Chemical castration for sex offenders has been passed in states, such as Alabama, California, Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida, it actually occurs very seldomly.

But not everyone is for this kind of punishment. Executive Director of the Alabama American Civil Liberties Union, Randall Marshall, “It’s really medical experimentation, is what it is. And it has no basis in the medical community.”

Marshall called the procedure “cruel and unusual punishment,” explaining, “Those who were convicted are serving a punishment. And if the legislature doesn’t think that the length of the punishment fits the crime. Then it can always revisit that. But using medical experimentation to no end…for the purpose of retribution, just does not have a place in our legal system.”

Sexual offences are obviously extremely harmful, and especially to children. It’s clear that something must be done to try to eliminate these offenses. From a perspective that relies on what Jesus says is good and right, what do you think should be done?

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