“Are You Serious, Man?!”: Chick-fil-A Cashier Stuns Customer by Keeping His Change for 3 Weeks, Then Returning It


When it comes to crushing it in the customer service department, there’s hardly a company that can contend with Chick-fil-A.

From FedEx-ing a forgotten purse back to a customer to opening their doors on Sunday for disaster relief and church service, this fast-food chain sure stays true to its Christian roots. From its CEO all the way down to its cashiers, the servants at Chick-fil-A make sure they shine the light of Jesus every day, whether it be through delivering hundreds of sandwiches to airline passengers in crisis or saving a few dollars of forgotten change for a regular like Marcus Henderson did last week.

It’s not so uncommon to absent-mindedly leave your change behind when purchasing something, but what is a rarity is the lengths Marcus went to in order to ensure that customer Danny Cadra got his money back in his pocket.

“I’m supposed to keep this and give it back to him,” said Marcus, after the man left the drive-thru window without his change. “I knew he was a regular, I was going to see him again eventually.”

It was only a few bucks, but the diligent employee made sure to tuck it away in his uniform each day, waiting for the next time he’d see Danny again.

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“It was basically a part of my uniform,” he told KLBK News. “It was my name tag, my hat, my apron and I just put it in my back pocket, just in case today might be the day where I see him.”

And sure enough, a little over three weeks later, Marcus saw Danny again and returned the money that was rightfully his.

“He’d been holding onto it for I don’t know three weeks or more, and I’m just like man this is the coolest thing, what a great American,” said Danny.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah you just drove out without your change, and I was like ‘Are you serious, man?!” added the shocked customer, clearly taken aback by the kind gesture.

While Marcus perceived the simple act as merely part of his job description, Danny was completely blown away that somebody would go out of their way to return his measly amount of spare change.

“It was like $3 and some change, and I never would have missed it,” he said.

It wasn’t the three bucks that Danny was so grateful for, as much as the heart of gold inside this young cashier.

“What a breath of fresh air,” said the regular, who is sure to be back more frequently now. “It meant that much to him, so it meant even that much more to me.”

But as the humble spirit he is, Marcus can’t quite understand what all of the hype and media attention is about.

“I’m called to serve these people well, not only because of my job but who I am,” he said. “This has pushed me to act in ways where I wouldn’t naturally.”

His small act of servanthood has since blossomed into an unexpected friendship between the two strangers who previously only exchanged a few words in the drive-thru window.

Marcus plans to meet up with Danny and his daughter to reconnect outside of Chick-fil-A sometime soon.

See more from this heartwarming story in the KLBK News interview below:

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