“Chick-fil-A to the Rescue!”: Mayor Praises Chick-fil-A Manager Who Solved COVID-19 Vaccination Line Backup


KLUV reported that South Carolina Mayor Will Haynie called on local Mount Pleasant Chick-fil-A manager Jerry Walkowaik to help solve a Covid-19 vaccination drive-thru line that got backed up due to computer glitch.

When Walkowiak was contacted for help, Mayor Haynie said, “Instead of just giving advice, this video shows what he did.”

Manager Walkowiak stood in the rain and helped direct people to where they needed to go. In a video uploaded to Twitter by Mayor Haynie he wrote, “When you need help, call the pros.”

One follower wrote, “Absolutely. It would not have worked without them. Biggest problem this morning was not enough staff giving shots.

Tent tents set up and manned but several not giving shots. Plus appointment times are meaningless, nobody checking until you leave.”

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Mayor Haynie responded writing, “All those issues got fixed as things progressed. Thank you for your patience. A software glitch at the start caused a 1 hour delay. Chick Fil A to the rescue!”

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