Watch Chris Pratt Accidentally Give Away a $6,000 Trip on “Live With Kelly” & Step Up Like a CHAMP

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From tweeting prayer requests for a 4-year-old with brain cancer to calling out a guy for wearing a cross but not backing it up, Chris Pratt is known for publicly standing up for what’s righteven when he’s the one making the mistake.

He once again proved his character of gold on an airing of Live With Kelly.

Chris got a little carried away with their travel trivia giveaway and sorta accidentally gave away a $5,700 trip to Mexico. When the caller answered the movie trivia question incorrectly on the first try, Pratt said, “No, but we’re gonna be wishy-washy and give you a second guess.”

The contestant then answered the question right with a winning response of Cape Fear.

That answer coincidentally matched the look of fear on Kelly Ripa’s face as she covered her face while Pratt cheered for joy…

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When the show host subsequently gasped for air, Pratt caught on rather quickly that he may have made a “boo boo.”


“Did I break the rules? They don’t let us do that?” he said puzzled.

And just as soon as he found out he broke the show’s rules, Pratt rebounded with this no-sweat response:

“I’ll cover it. I’ll cover it. I’ll send her. I’ll give her 5,700 bucks. She can go. You won!”

Thankfully, Kelly then regained her ability to inhale and all was right with the world. She even offered to split the cost with Pratt two waysand just to add a fun little twist, Denzel Washington decided to pop in a moment later to chip in as well.

Watch this hysterical Good Samaritan moment unfold in the video clip below!

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