“Christian Alexa: The Believer’s Alternative to the Amazon Echo” Is Hysterically Perfect for the ‘Super Christian’ in Your Life


When it comes to poking good-hearted fun at Christian clichés, few have mastered the art better than comedian John Crist. From his hilarious rant on the making of Christian music to his parody on the plight of “Millennial Missionaries,” Crist is known for expertly calling out the overused, water-down elements of Christianity that have flooded modern culture.

And his latest spoof on a Christian version of the Amazon Echo is no exception. Perfect for the “extra” Christian friend in your life this Christmas, the Christian Alexa will keep your heart guarded, your accountability partner on speed-dial, and your text messages to your girlfriend superbly G-rated.

With “advanced situational recognition” and a Bible verse for every life hurdle you may face, Christian Alexa will make sure you NEVER cause a brother (or sister) to stumble.

At 2.2 million views and counting, Crist’s hysterical ‘Super Christian’ clean-comedy is sure to not disappoint.

Christian Alexa: The Believer’s Alternative to the Amazon Echo

Christian Alexa: The Believer’s alternative to the Amazon Echo

Posted by John Crist on Sunday, December 3, 2017

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