John Crist’s Parody of the Plight of “Millennial Missionaries” Is Hysterically Accurate

Christian Funny-man John Crist is known for his light-hearted clean-comedy that regularly makes waves across the Internet.

His viral videos essentially mock the most extreme millennial-Christian cliches and “basic” behaviors, poking fun at the seemingly watered-down Christianity that some Millennials have created.

In his latest video, “The Millennial Missionaries,” Crist and his cohort played on the ever-growing desire for 20-somethings to travel the world—pursue “wanderlust.”

The funny spin comes when their lavish honeymoon to Aruba, with room service, an ocean view and a fancy sports car, is jokingly justified as “mission work.”

John Crist always gives his audience a good laugh—and with over a million views, this script is no exception.

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Bri Lamm
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