Jennifer Hudson Throws Her Book at Christian Singer During ‘Voice’ Audition Because She’s THAT Darn GOOD

It’s not too often that a Voice contestant leaves ALL four judges battling for the chance to coach her, but such was the case for superstar-on-the-rise Brooke Simpson in a recently released sneak peak for this season.

The Christian youth leader delivered a goosebump-raising rendition of Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold,” leaving Miley Cyrus straight-up speechless, Adam Levine bribing her with hugs, and Jennifer Hudson throwing her book on stage in utter disbelief of her RIDICULOUS vocal range.

“I had to throw my book at you, and that is a compliment,” said a starstruck Hudson after the performance, adding “I thought I knew singin’, until you just came out here and did THAT.”

Interestingly enough, the impressive contestant hails from the same college as former Voice winner Jordan Smith. She hopes to join her fellow Lee University graduate (A Church of God school in Cleveland, Tennessee) in the ranks as another powerful Christian voice shattering molds in the music industry.

According to wral.com, Simpson and her husband are traveling evangelists who both work as worship leaders near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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Of course, the sneak peek left us hanging as to who Simpson chooses for her coach, but from the sound of their praiseworthy comments for the singer, she WON’T have an easy choice to make.

“You know you’re good because I’m a little speechless and that never happens,” said Miley Cyrus after the mind-blowing performance.

“One-in-a-million,” remarked Levine as he tried to persuade Simpson with his ever-convincing boyish charm, adding on a more serious note, “Most people who try to do what you do so effortlessly like you do shouldn’t do it because you have to be able to sing with proficiency and technically be good, but also you have to manage to squeeze in all this soulfulness and passion and power.”

And though they are rarely inclined to agree on anything, all the coaches nodded an assured ‘AMEN’ to Blake Shelton’s takeaway from the soulful audition:

“Every now and then, there’s a singer that comes across this stage that simply needs an opportunity, and that’s where you’re at with your talent and your artistry.”

We’re believing big things for the up-and-coming Christian songstress who prayerfully will use her platform to glorify the name of God. Be sure to tune into Season 13 on NBC to follow Brooke Simpson’s amazing journey!

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