Comedian Trey Kennedy Nails Every American ‘Working from Home’ Right Now in Hilarious Skit

trey kennedy

Recent stay-at-home mandates have forced everybody to alter their schedules and lifestyles in some form or fashion. And if you’re fortunate enough to be one of the Americans still employed right now, there’s a good chance that your working environment has shifted quite a bit too. Rather than cubicles, offices, and double-monitor desktops, we’re posting up on couches and beds with our laptops, adjusting to our new “normal.”

And once again, rising comedian Trey Kennedy is here to make us all belly-laugh over the tendencies so many of us fall into when suddenly workplace accountability is gone, and we’re our own bosses… well, sort of.

Check out Kennedy’s hilarious 2-minute skit below, and just TRY to pretend like this hasn’t been you at some point in the last three weeks. Oh, and bonus tip, don’t tag your boss.

Kelsey Straeter
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