Parents Abandon Child at School on His Birthday—Then a Cop Takes Him for an Unexpected Joyride


When it comes to celebrating your birthday as a child, there’s nothing greater than being picked up from school, going out to dinner with your family and friends, and stuffing your face with more cake than any human should ever consume.

Unfortunately for one elementary school student in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Monday’s birthday surprise was far from celebratory.

At the end of the school day the child was never picked up. He was at the school so late that Green Bay Police had to pick him up instead.

Enter: Officer Robinson.


The child had no known family contacts and his parent is incarcerated, leaving him completely abandoned on his birthday.

“Thanks to the owners of our local McDonald’s, we were given free cheeseburger coupons to hand out in certain situations,” the Department posted on Facebook. “Officer Robinson took the child for a meal at McDonald’s and a ride around in the police car for his birthday.”

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Now that sounds like a birthday treat that any kid would enjoy!

Officer Robinson eventually was able to locate family members and drop the birthday boy off.

“Thank you to community partners, like McDonald’s, that allow us to help out others in small ways during our interactions throughout the shifts.”

It’s people like Officer Robinson who go above and beyond for their community that make this world a better place.

He could have very well brought the child down to the station while they searched for his family. But instead, he treated him to a birthday surprise he’ll likely never forget.

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