UPDATE: Couple Who Rallied 80 Beach-Goers Into ‘Human Chain’ Meets the Family They Rescued

It’s been a couple weeks since Jessica and Derek Simmons spearheaded a human chain of over 80 beachgoers to save the lives of Roberta Ursrey, her husband, Bryan, their two sons and five other family members from a rip current that was pulling them under.

As previously reported by Faithit, while visiting the beach in Panama City, Florida, Roberta heard her two young sons screaming in panic from the waves in front of her.

Acting on her motherly instincts, Roberta grabbed her husband Bryan, along with a handful of other family members, who set out to rescue the boys from drowning.

Instead, the powerful rip current sucked in the entire Ursrey family, leaving them completely helpless off the beach shore.

That’s when Jessica and Derek saved the day. Derek ran the beach and called for help. He knew in order to bring the family back to shore, they needed length. So he instructed everyone that followed to link arms and create a human chain stretching all the way out to the Ursrey family.

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Yesterday, Derek and Jessica appeared on Good Morning America along with some other friends and family members who selflessly joined their rescue chain earlier this month.

Robin Roberts applauded their heroic efforts, and even had a little surprise for them:

After chatting with six of the heroes in front of her, Robin brought out the couple whose lives were saved thanks to the Simmons’ quick thinking!

Not only did they get to hug each other again, but the Ursrey boys even made their heroes a BEAUTIFUL video message to express their gratitude!

Derek says, “We did it because that’s what we would want someone to do for our family.”

After reuniting with the Ursrey family, Derek encourages GMA viewers to do whatever you can to help somebody else out. He says it doesn’t have to save a life, we just simply have a duty to care for our neighbors and help those around us.

May we all live like Derek Simmons today!

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