Dad Refuses Daughter’s Hand in Marriage 3 Times—Groom’s Last Ditch Effort Goes Mega-Viral

In a generation trademarked by Instagram-perfect proposals, it seems the phrase “Best Proposal Ever” may have become a bit overused.

But whether it’s the guy who popped the question at a romantic dinner or the one who climbed to the top of the Eiffel tower, bungee jumped down with ring in hand and swooped his bride-to-be back up to the top, there’s just something about the magic of proposals that gets social medialites swooning.

And Liam Cooper’s “Project Magic” stunt is no exception.

The hopeless romantic from Australia wanted to make his marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Amy, extra special, and a moment she’d NEVER forget. Between a shiny diamond ring, a movie theater packed with her closest friends, and an action video that has now amassed over 28 million views, I’d say Cooper can mark that mission accomplished.

This is one guy who doesn’t take “NO” for an answer, and the Internet just can’t get enough of this charmingly amusing Aussie who will do anything for his beautiful bride…


Best Proposal Ever

Credits : Liam Cooper

Posted by Sarcasm Factory on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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