Dear Husband, I Love Living in a Box With You


My Dearest Husband,

Remember when I told you a few years ago, “I’d be happy living in a cardboard box as long as it was with you!” Well, [in] retrospect, I think you said that first, but I did readily agree. Lol.

Who knew back then where we’d be now. I gotta be honest, when we walked into that little extended-stay hotel in Florida, I thought of that cardboard box. It was so tiny, and not what I expected at all, but I knew it would be ok. I just knew it. I knew because God was with us, but I also knew because you were with me.

I think God did an amazing thing when He put us together. Somehow when we became one flesh we started bringing out the best in one another, and then pushing out the worst. And it seems to me that even today we do that. You inspire me to be a better person, and I see God using you in my life.

I really could live in a box if you were there with me. Sometimes the bathroom of our RV feels like a box so maybe that counts.

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What I love, though, is that together in this dynamic duo/powerhouse that God made when He united us, we don’t put God in a box. We go where He leads and continue to learn together.

So, my love, here’s to life in a box with you, but more importantly, life outside of the box the world tries to give.

I feel like I could do anything as long as it’s with you. Thank you for helping me to cultivate courage, to stretch myself past fear, to love others more abundantly, and to trust God in all things.

You are my person, and I’m so glad God placed us together, again. Happy 9th Anniversary!



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