Dentist Surprises Patient After Boyfriend Headbutts Her Front Tooth Out


It’s not uncommon for people to put off going to the doctor or the dentist because of inability to pay. Even with insurance, the cost of a filling or any additional tests is too much for some people to take on.

That was the case for Kyleigha Scott. The Marshall, Texas, resident went to the dentist last week for a wisdom tooth extraction, when she got the surprise she never saw coming.

In preparing her for the procedure, Dr. Kenny Wilstead asked her what happened to her front tooth.

Kyleigha told him that she’d been head-butted by her ex, and the last dentist was unable to fix it.

She’s been living with a broken and degrading tooth for more than two years, and was planning on using her upcoming tax returns to have Dr. Wilstead try to fix it.

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But this dentist had a different plan in mind.

After hearing her plan to save up and have her tooth fixed, Dr. Wilstead knew he could do it quickly and seamlessly.

He told her, “We’re gonna fix that tooth right now, no charge.”

Within ten minutes, Kyleigha’s smile was radically transformed, and Dr. Wilstead captured her reaction on his phone.


Posted by Kenny Wilstead on Thursday, October 12, 2017

He says she wasn’t expecting him to fix her teeth that day—especially not for free—but her reaction is one that he will “cherish forever.”

All the praise for this generous dentist! It never gets old seeing someone use their skills to **literally** put a smile on someone else’s face!

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