Denzel Washington Talks About Spiritual Warfare and Warns Against Signs of End Times

denzel washington spiritual warfare

In this interview with CBN, Denzel Washington goes on to say, “We’re living in a time where people are willing to do anything to get followed.”

He tells a truth that we all have to face and consider within ourselves. And if we don’t? Denzel Washington has something to say about that…

“What is the long or short-term effect of too much information?” he asks.

Answering his own question, he says, “It’s going fast and it can be manipulated obviously in a myriad of ways. And people are led like sheep to slaughter,” a Biblical reference about how we can be innocent, but led astray by distractions.

In today’s day, spiritual warfare can come in distractions, such as social media, which sucks up our time and gets our minds on things that are not helpful or of God.

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In his video about the dangers of social media, which is part of a series by The Beat, Allen Parr talks more about this.

And this video is in line with what Denzel Washington boldly told the New York Times.

He said, “The Bible says in the last days — I don’t know if it’s the last days, it’s not my place to know — but it says we’ll be lovers of ourselves.”

Explaining what that looks like on social media, Denzel Washington says, “The No. 1 photograph today is a selfie, ‘Oh, me at the protest.’ ‘Me with the fire.’ ‘Follow me.’ ‘Listen to me.'”

It’s clearly a passion of the actor to make people aware of how this love of self is an aspect of spiritual warfare, regardless of how they’ll take it.

“This is spiritual warfare,” he said. “So, I’m not looking at it from an earthly perspective. If you don’t have a spiritual anchor you’ll be easily blown by the wind and you’ll be led to depression.”

Even so, Denzel Washington does not face this spiritual warfare and signs of end times with fear. He says, “I try not to worry. Fear is contaminated faith.”

Going on to explain the foundation that keeps him from fear, he says, “There are going to be two lines, the long line and the short line, and I’m interested in being in the short line.”

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