Elsa Gay and Has Girlfriend in ‘Frozen 3,’ According to Sources

elsa gay girlfriend frozen

Just before Thanksgiving, Elsa and friends will be gracing the big screen with Disney’s long-awaited Frozen 2. In 2013, Frozen shattered box office records, becoming the 2nd highest-grossing animated film of all time, just behind The Lion King. In the original film, the ice queen’s sister Anna (played by Kristen Bell) got all the love-story action, leaving many in the LGBTQ community hoping and wondering if Elsa might be gay. Activists have pleaded with Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend since the movie’s initial release, and the social media campaign #GiveElseAGirlfriend gained widespread attention from fans. Even Idina Menzel, the voice of Queen Elsa, supported the movement, calling it “great.”

While Disney considered introducing a female love interest for the main character in Frozen 2, they ultimately decided against it, as there was concern that certain countries would ban it. But inside sources have claimed that producers will give Elsa a girlfriend in the movie’s third installment. According to We Got This Covered, the studio is waiting until Frozen 3 because the sequel may be too soon.

Elsa Gay and Has a Girlfriend in Frozen 3

“While the studio isn’t ready to talk about Frozen 3 just yet, we’re told it’s definitely happening and again, the intention is for Elsa to have a girlfriend in the threequel, confirming her sexuality in the process,” the site reported.

With there being six years between the first and second movies, Frozen 3 is likely far from coming to fruition—but this wouldn’t be the first move Disney has made to push a homosexual agenda.

Disney’s Progressive Shift

According to Faithwire, “The Disney Channel made history in 2017 when Joshua Ryan, who played Cyrus in the ‘Andi Mack’ series, became the first character to utter the phrase, ‘I’m gay.'”

In the same year, Disney stirred up major controversy when they promoted an “exclusively gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast, between LeFou and a henchman dressed as a woman.

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And the series of increasingly progressive decisions made by the entertainment empire hasn’t stopped there.

elsa gay girlfriend Frozen

Just last year, Walt Disney World canceled its annual Christian event, Night of Joy, which had been running for 34 years.

Further, after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a “heartbeat bill” in May, enforcing stricter abortion laws, Disney’s CEO Bog Iger commented that it would be “very difficult” to continue working in the state.

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