‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Shares Miracle Story About Refugees’ Baby That Left Her in Awe

Missy Roberston

By Billy Hallowell

“Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson and her husband, Jase, recently embarked on an eye-opening journey to Greece, where they were deeply moved after spending time with refugees from Afghanistan and Iran.

Missy Robertson told Faithwire about the powerful stories they heard — and what it was like seeing so many people with such open hearts for the Gospel.

“We went over there and saw the result of some of these Muslims who are fleeing … radical Islam,” she said. “They have been under … radical Islam for so long, when they hear about freedom in Christ, their hearts are wide open.”

The Robertsons visited Greece to see firsthand the work of a ministry operating there to help meet refugees’ spiritual and physical needs. The men, women, and families they met have embarked on difficult and life-threatening journeys in an effort to escape brutal regimes and find eventual freedom.

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“There are so many refugees coming … out of Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq,” Robertson said. “They are risking their lives and the lives of their families to make it to Greece for their safety.”

Watch Missy Robertson reveal some of their stunning stories:

Robertson shared one miraculous story that underscores the pain, chaos, and uncertainty many refugees face.

She and Jase met one man who took them through his own family’s plight. A few years ago, he, his wife, and their young children paid a smuggler to help them escape to freedom.

“They got on a raft. It was him, his wife, his 8-year-old daughter, and his 40-day-old son, and they got in the raft with about 40 other people,” Robertson recounted. “Their raft tore and all the people were falling out.”

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