Ellen Busts Audience Member Stealing Her Merch, Then Teaches Her a Lesson She’ll NEVER Forget

It’s no secret that Ellen Degeneres knows how to make people laugh. The comedian and long-time talk-show host is known for her groovy dance moves, generous heart and dry sense of humor.

She’s also known on her show for surprising her guests and pulling some great pranks.

Recently she used hidden cameras to put her audience’s honesty to the test and pull a prank that has the Internet applauding.

Before the start of the show, Ellen set out a merchandise table with souvenirs for audience members. The only catch was that there was also a sign that said “Only take one item per person.”

As you can guess, the hidden cameras were there to see who would take just one, as instructed, and who would give whoever watched the hidden camera footage a good laugh.

Of course, Ellen didn’t arrange this whole prank for some cameraman to just watch. She broadcasted the hidden footage to her audience during the show!!

The first audience member that Ellen put on trial had picked up two items, then decided she’d put one back and “just buy it” later. Pleased with her, Ellen gave her the hat right on stage in the middle of filming.

But the honesty was short-lived, and the shared desire for as much free Ellen-stuff as possible turned the audience members into the comics—ON NATIONAL TV.

The fun and games continued when Ellen honed in on one particular woman in attendance—sending her to “Ellen Jail.”

The comical bit was the light-hearted fun that Ellen is known for, and an excellent reminder about the importance of honesty. God (and apparently Ellen) are always watching.

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