Ellen Leaves Family of 6 Weeping With Single Biggest Gift in Her Show’s History

Ellen DeGeneres was FULL of surprises on her show last week in celebration of her 60th birthday — but nothing could quite compare to her grand finale giveaway that she bestowed on one beautiful family.

Since meeting them through an earlier contest, Ellen has been incredibly impressed with Robert and Christi Daniels and their four sons for their generous hearts amidst financial struggles. Living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with six people (on top of mounting debt) has not thwarted the Daniels’ spirit of giving in the least.

Even after they won thousands of dollars in gift cards and other prizes in Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways campaign last year, the charitable family used their winnings to pay it forward to a stranger in the Walmart checkout line.

Their selfless deeds certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the woman known best for her philanthropic spirit. Ellen surprised the Daniels family by having Jeannie show up to their Hawthorne, California apartment and haul them away to a location unbeknownst to them. The stunned yet excited crew had NO idea where they were going, but once they entered the stage of “The Ellen Show” yet again, they knew their favorite daytime TV host was up to something BIG.

“You’re here because we’re gonna do something big that we’ve never done for any family ever,” Ellen told the Daniels. “It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done…so, you like Cheerios?”

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But of course, she had more than a lifetime supply of cereal in mind. Check out the video below to watch the single greatest gift “The Ellen Show” has EVER given away to a family. With tears and tissues galore, it’s a priceless reaction you won’t want to miss!

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