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Why We Stopped Going House to House for the Holidays

We hit a breaking point. We were so tired of rushing from house to house; we had truly begun to dread holidays. It was time to make a change for our family.

WATCH: Hobby Lobby Lights Up Mom Hearts With Viral Christmas Ad

Has Hobby Lobby entered the world of emotionally persuasive holiday short-form cinema? It would certainly seem so! And their Christmas ad effort is 100% geared toward what is undoubtedly their most loyal customer: busy (exhausted, out-of-time) moms.

“This Christmas I Want Food”: What These Foster Kids Want For Christmas Is Heartbreaking

None of them asked for this year’s hottest toy, or another video game to add to their collection. No, the children who filled out these tags listed their “innermost dreams”—things that should be part of everyone’s childhood.

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Teen Doesn’t Know Why Dad Is Collecting Change—Then She Sees This Note on His Bed

“He was confused at first… like, ‘Why?’ Then he teared up."

Ellen Leaves Family of 6 Weeping With Single Biggest Gift in Her Show’s History

"You're here because we're gonna do something big that we've never done for any family ever. It's the biggest thing we've ever done."

Mom of 3 Drains Family’s Bank Account to $7—Her Husband’s Response Knocks Her Breathless

"$7.44. That was the harsh number that stared back at me. My heart sank, my mind spun, and my emotions exploded with upset and frustration... I ranted, cursed, and berated myself to his open ear."

Mom Tells Son “God Is BUSY Right Now” as He Prays—Then She Sees What’s on The Doorstep

Oh good grief. 'Guys,' I said, 'God isn't going to drop money on our doorstep so you two can get ice cream. He's BUSY right now with natural disasters.'

Research Says You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things. Here’s Why:

Thinking of buying your kids lots of stuff this Christmas? This may make you reconsider...