EMT Mom Pleads Parents to Tape 5 Pieces of Life-Saving Info to Your Child’s Car Seat

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As a parent, it seems you can never be too proactive about taking protective measures for your little ones. From baby-proofing cabinets to carefully slicing their grapes, and even monitoring their intake of potentially lethal Easter candy, the list of safety to-dos can seem endless.

But one EMT mother named Kaitlyn from Anderson, Indiana is urging parents to take two minutes of their time to do something SO simple that doesn’t cross the minds of most–until it’s too late.

“Way too often do firefighters come upon a car wreck with child(ren) in the car who are too young to have any info and parents are unconscious,” wrote Kaitlyn in a Facebook post that has now gone viral. “It takes two minutes of your time to write out your child’s name, date of birth, emergency contacts, any medical conditions, any medicine your child is on, and even your child’s doctor, then stick it to the child’s car seat. This helps EMS a ton and can also help save your child’s life.”

The Indiana mom shared an image of the personal info taped to a car seat to demonstrate just how simple this potentially life-saving measure can be.

“Some emergency personnel don’t have time to search through personal belongings to find this kind of information needed, and having it on the car seat helps them a ton when in a quick emergency,” Kaitlyn told Love What Matters. “The sticker is on the side of the car seat, when you open the door, it is very visible.”

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She explained that providing the emergency medical team with this info can be critical if the toddler is injured and parents are unconscious.

“You want to make sure your child gets the right medical treatment,” she added. “Having them know the allergies and medications your child is on can give them the right course of treatment, instead of giving them something they may be allergic to.”

This critical information can also help the hospital find personal records or get in contact with the right family members in case of emergency.

“I think it is very important to have this information with your kiddos,” urged Kaitlyn. “You never know what will happen!”

Since the mother’s passionate plea went viral, thousands of concerned parents took her advice to heart and created their own car seat tags.

Take two minutes, and create one for your child today, and SHARE this with other parents to spread the word. It may just save a life! 

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