Francis Chan: Is It Really That Important to Talk About Hell?


In a video released by The Gospel Coalition, Francis Chan is asked, “Is it really important to emphasize hell?”

Before elaborating on all the reasons why, Chan gives a very straightforward and simple answer in the form of another question:

“If you believe in it, how can you not?”

Explaining that this is how it has been from the beginning, the preacher exemplifies how God warned Adam and Eve about eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

“Do not eat of that tree,” God explicitly told them.

In the beginning, “they would not only talk about the blessings but the curses,” continues Chan, noting that it was a prophet’s job to preach the good AND the bad news.

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For those in today’s society who are of the “I am a lover” mentality, Chan warns this is merely a sign of weakness and people-pleasing. The mindset is also not that of Christ, who is the Savior we are all meant to model.

“He loved people enough to warn,” says Chan.

Watch him elaborate on this crucial topic in The Gospel Coalition video below: 

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