A German Christmas Commercial Has People Weeping Around The World

christmas german commercial

People from around the globe have watched and reacted to the commercial

With more than 16 million views, the public clearly can’t get enough of this feel-good video. Here’s what they had to say:

“This video is very emotional. I’m a 64 year old man and I can’t stop crying. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.”

“That’s incredible, almost no words and the story couldn’t have been told any better. Hats off to who ever came up with that!”

“I’m not sure who DocMorris is in Germany, maybe pharmaceuticals? but this is the most brilliant two minutes that should be shared across social media worldwide. The world needs moments like this right now because everyone should shed a tear for the hope this conveys and those we lost this year. Thank You for sharing!”

“So so good! Just cried , but still want to see again…. Love it 😍

“With this type of motivation, how could you NOT want to put in the effort to be fit and well!?! Everyone can find a reason. If you can’t do it for yourself then do it for someone else”

“Good Afternoon from Brazil.
This Video of You is Simply Wonderful, Exciting.
Congratulations on spending so much Emotion, Love, Empathy in just 2:40 minutes.
Thanks so much for Sharing.
God bless Uou !!!!
Thank you, from the heart !!!
Merry Christmas to all who participated in the creation of this Spectacular Video !!!”

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“How beautiful! Durning this time of the unknown, we have lost sight of who we are , becoming something we are not ment to be. We do need to MOVE IT! an demand of ourselves Who we are Ment to be . It’s called : Determination!”

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