Girl Signs Her Phone # to Stranger at Kenny Chesney Concert—When She Gets This Text, Her Life Changes Forever

You know those make-you-sick love stories that are so fairy-tale flawless you swear they came straight out of a rom-com instead of reality?

Well, Holly Hammonds has one of those stories. And it’s 100 percent real life.

She and her fiancé R.J. Edwards are officially the envy of the Internet after their one-in-a-million love story went viral.

It all started when Holly and her roommate made a last-minute decision to scalp some tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert a couple of years ago.

“My roommate and I were still on a high from attending the Kenny Chesney concert Thursday night,” said Holly. “We had so much fun, we decided to buy last-minute tickets and go again for the second showing on Friday. Unfortunately, the concert was sold out, so we ended up having to scalp tickets — and of course, we were in the nosebleeds.”

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Little did Holly know, those nosebleed-section seats were about to lead her straight down a path to her happily-ever-after.

As the show started, the girls spotted a couple of empty seats on the lower level. Unwilling to let a perfectly good spot go to waste, they pulled a “classic concert move,” sneaking down to the lower level in hopes of not getting kicked out.

And that’s where the fun REALLY began…

“As I was scanning the crowd, I noticed an extremely attractive guy looking in my direction,” Holly explained. “We kept staring and smiling at each other throughout the concert until finally, he waved to me. I instantly had butterflies, and I knew I had to meet him. Since I didn’t have a pass to get down to the floor section where his seats were, I pulled out my phone and pointed at it. I then used my hands to sign my phone number to him from across the crowd — and he texted me!”

Lucky for her, this hunky stranger was a pro at reading cross-stadium hand signals. With an “arena of people between them,” he locked down just the right digits.

Moments later, Holly gets this text…

The two met up after the concert, and it was INSTANT fireworks.

“The chemistry between us was strong, and I knew I wanted to see him again,” said Holly.

She even canceled a date she had with planned with someone else the next night so that she could go out with R.J. instead.

When he also happily agreed to go to church with her that Sunday, Holly knew in that moment “he was a keeper.”

The two have been inseparable ever since.

After dating for two years, R.J. decided to take Holly back to Bridgestone Arena where they very first locked eyes on that magical night. She thought she was there for a tour with a friend, but her man had much bigger plans in store for his future bride — and it’s basically straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Watch the insanely adorable finale of this picture-perfect love story in the video below:

Kenny Chesney Concert

“I locked eyes with a cute stranger at a concert. But there was an arena of people between us…” 💗

(Credit: The Way We Met)

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