WATCH: Good Samaritans Stop Car from Drifting Through a Busy Intersection as Driver Suffers Seizure

good Samaritans stop a car

Good Samaritans do still exist, and this was proven on Thursday, May 5th when several drivers jumped from their cars to help another person in a medical emergency. These Good Samaritans stop a car drifting through a busy intersection in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Good Samaritans Stop a Car, Possibly Saving Many From Harm

Driver Laurie Rabyor was stopped at an intersection nearby her workplace when she suffered from a seizure.

Thankfully, Rabyor’s coworker, Jannette Rivera was driving alongside her and noticed she was slumped over. Rabyor’s car began to drift into a busy Boynton Beach intersection, and Rivera went straight to action.

Rivera hopped out of her car and began waving for help and trying to alert drivers around of the danger.

Quickly other drivers hopped out of their cars and went to Rabyor’s rescue. Video shows that together, the Good Samaritans stop a car, got into it and rescued Rabyor.

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The local police, the Boynton Beach Police Department (BBPD), posted about the event, revealing the video of the scary situation that occurred on Woolbright Road.

The video shows the car drifting into the busy Boynton Beach intersection, as many cars swerve around it and continue on their way.

But within seconds, a woman, Jannatte Rivera, is shown running from her parked car at the intersection and to the drifting car. She leans against the passenger side of the car and starts waving at other motorists. Soon one man gets out of his car, then another, then four others. They all work together to stop the car in it’s place and hold it. They call emergency personnel, and Muriel Vaughns brings a dumbbell from his car so they can smash the passenger side window and get to Rabyor, who is experiencing the medical emergency.

When emergency workers arrived, they were able to care for Rabyor, and days later she was shown holding that dumbbell and doing well.

The BBPD hoped to reunited Rabyor with all the Good Samaritans; so they asked the public for help identifying all of them. And the public didn’t hesitate, as is shown above. But the BBPD didn’t stop there…

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