Which Is Worse: A 29-Hour Flight With a Screaming Baby or Henry Beasley Posting Such Experience on TikTok?

Henry Beasley on plane

There are many types of passengers — all seated close together on the same flight. The sleepers, the talkers, the get-up-and-walkers, the workers, and the screamers. Henry Beasley, on a recent flight to Berlin, took to TikTok and shared his footage of a child screaming.

We all want to have patience and be gracious to those who are flying with young children. Though, everyone on the flight — including the parents —can agree that a child’s constant screams can grate on every last nerve. And, being in such close quarters with hundreds of strangers just makes the situation that much worse.

Henry Beasley captured the baby’s screams — and his own reaction

Beasley’s reaction was priceless. He captured his own eye twitching as well as the bellows from the infant who was clearly not enjoying the flight. He captioned the video with various phrases.

“Rate my 29 hour flight to Berlin.”

“Strong start”

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“The kid’s got some lungs”

“Great projection”

“A nice long one here”

“Kettle’s boiled”

“Bring it on home now”

“Stellar performance. Incredible stamina. 10/10”

You can watch the entire 26-second video.

@balubrigadaHey babe, how was your flight?♬ original sound – Balu Brigada

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