Which Is Worse: A 29-Hour Flight With a Screaming Baby or Henry Beasley Posting Such Experience on TikTok?

Henry Beasley on plane

Would you share your opinion of Beasley’s viral video? Some chimed in quickly.

As you can imagine, Bealey’s video quickly went viral with nearly 3 million reactions and more than 30,000 comments. The video sparked quite a controversy — with parents, concerned adults, and opinionated people wanting to chime in.

“I have ultra sensitive, very good hearing. Getting strong headache if it’s too loud. I pray for kidsfree flights.”

“As a parent who’s baby has screamed like this on a flight before, I promise it ain’t fun for us either. I felt awful for everyone”

“as a person on a spectrum I would have a huge meltdown in this situation…. why there’s no kids free flights yet?!🥺”

“It’s so hard I definitely feel bad for the passengers but I also feel bad for the parents. Their anxiety must be through the roof 😔”

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“oof. I empathize with the parents but good grief, you’d think they’d have maybe prepared something to keep the kid calm on a journey that long”

“and I can’t bring my cat because she weights 1 more kilogram than what they want her to weight”

My own experience of flying with a screaming toddler

Many parents sympathize with those traveling with little ones because, well — we’ve all been there. It doesn’t always matter how prepared you are with food, drinks, and toys. And, your child may choose this inopportune time to refuse to take a nap.

My family flew to Indiana for a family funeral. Our boys were ages 5 and 1. My husband got to hang with our 5-year-old, and I cuddled our 1-year-old. We did pack snacks, drinks, toys, and anything he could possibly want. He was simply uncomfortable and wanted everyone to know it. Both flights, there and back, were terrible. He cried a good portion of the flight there. And, the flight back was even worse. After trying everything I knew to do, I just held him. And, I prayed.

And, he cried. For the entire flight, he belted wails that would impress trained opera singers. Then, about 10 minutes before landing, he gave into sleep. Those 10 minutes were simply a gift.

We landed, and he woke up. Those around me gave me sympathetic, knowing looks. Thankfully, no one was unkind. But, we were all frustrated. I apologized as we got off the flight.

Parents, we know you’re doing your best. And everyone else on the flight, thanks for your patience with the littles.

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