His Open Letter to Babies on Their First Day on Earth Is Like Poetry for Your Soul

I think there’s a reason Jesus loved children and it wasn’t just because he was a “kid person.” Kids get it. They enjoy the little things, they forgive quickly, they laugh easily, they understand the purity of joy. The same joy that somehow gets twisted to mean success which gets twisted to mean “whatever’s next.”

You’re a high school valedictorian? Great! Where you going to college? You’re in college? Great! Where you going to work. You’re working? Great! When are you getting married?

There’s always the “what’s next” mentality that ruins any chance of joy. This video shows a kid talking to newborns as they enter this world, but really this video is needed by every adult whether they know it or not.

So stop your day, take a breath and give this kid a few minutes of your time to remind you of this beautiful thing called life. You’ll thank me later!

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