“Every Day She Tags Me in Stuff on Facebook. Every Day.”: Husband Ignores Wife Tagging Him on Facebook. Now He Wishes He Paid Attention.


Like most men, Brad Kearns generally ignored the many things his wife, Sarah, regularly tagged him in on Facebook. Memes, articles, status posts, you name it.

At first, he brushed it off, and admittedly didn’t always look at what she’d tagged him in. But recently, things are different.

As the 28-year-old father of two explained in a Facebook post, he’s come to realize what it all means.

“Every day she tags me in stuff on Facebook. Every day. Like several times a day. As if she bounces around the internet just looking for random [stuff] to let me know is out there. Memes, events, stories etc.”

Brad says he used to find it all really annoying, and wasn’t really sure that any of it was even relevant.


A blogger himself, Brad now sees the same game happening on his own posts—wives sharing his posts with their husbands the same way Sarah has tagged him in things. But now, he sees other men responding in the same way he used to.

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“I always see the same reply of ‘I ain’t reading that’ or ‘too long.’”

But he says this is where men have it all wrong.

“The conversation goes no further. Whatever message she was trying to send him was rejected because of sheer arrogance and inability to take a few seconds to read something that was probably important to how she was feeling.”

Brad has learned over time that the things Sarah tags him in aren’t random. It’s her way of communicating with him throughout the day. They’re all things that she knows might make his day, or relate to their relationship. Some things are insightful, and others are just plain funny. She got a kick out of it, so she thinks he will too.

“Sometimes it helps her tell me something because it’s so relevant and she couldn’t have said it better herself. I try to make a point of acknowledging it. It doesn’t take any effort at all.”

He continues:

“To be honest it helps me gauge where she’s at and what she’s looking at online. Sometimes it forms the basis of our conversations when I get home. So often I come home to a “Did you see that thing I tagged you in?” As silly as it sounds it helps us communicate.”


Like any husband, Brad says he would never intentionally ignore his wife in person. So there’s no reason to ignore her online.

“If she tagged you in it, she wants you to look at it. If you were at the park and she said, “Hey look at that,” would you ignore it? Would you make a snide remark about how much effort it will take you to see it? I think not.”

As you can imagine, his honest post garnered a plethora of tagging in the comments.

Admittedly, women can be some of the most confusing creatures on earth. Brad just wants other guys out there to know that nothing about this has to be confusing. Our world relies heavily on social media. If your girl tags you in a post, it’s because she’s trying to tell you something.

Don’t ignore it, and don’t ignore her. Read the post.

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