Random Stranger Contacts Single Mom on Facebook—Then This Box Shows Up on Her Doorstep

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Billie is a struggling single mama from Florida who works multiple jobs to make ends meet for her and her little boy. Like many women in her position, financial circumstances are challenging as the family’s sole provider and caretaker.

“My son is 7 and headed into second grade,” said the Florida mother. “It’s always been just me and him, so I’ve been a single mom for 7 years. I have [four] jobs and I am also a full-time student.”

Billie admits that parenting alone is tough, and though she never asks for handouts, it is the generous support from others that helps them make a living.

“Of course it’s difficult, it is intended to be a two person job,” she shared. “We honestly wouldn’t make it without family, friends, and the kindness of strangers.”

However, the most recent act of kindness she received from a total stranger really struck her in a special way that has permanently marked her heart.

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A woman on Facebook found Billie in a mom group where she had posted a few times for advice. The single mother was definitely suspicious of the woman’s offer at first.

“I was a bit cautious of course,” said Billie “I stalked her online and made sure she wasn’t an [ax] murderer.”

The beautiful stranger was, in fact, far from it: an angel in disguise.

Billie shared their powerful message exchange on Imgur, where her story has since influenced thousands of others to give bigger and love better by paying it forward.

Check it out below:

“I opened the boxes today. All of my son’s school supplies and some extras. A new pair of shoes, which is awesome [because] I’m super thrifty and hardly ever buy brand new things. He is gonna be super excited.”

The unsolicited act of generosity has undoubtedly changed Billie’s life, and perspective, for the better.

“I owe this woman so much,” she shared. “I hope this story helps other people want to do more kind things, just to do them.”

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