Husband & Wife Shield 2-Month-Old Son from Bullets as Shots Ring Out at El Paso Walmart

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America mourns a great loss after yet another mass shooting rocked El Paso, Texas this weekend. Twenty were killed and 26 were critically injured when a 21-year-old man opened fire at a local shopping center.

“Lives were taken who should still be with us today,” lamented Governor Greg Abbott at a news conference near the shopping center and adjacent Walmart.

Two of those precious lives were Jordan and Andre Anchondo, a couple headed to the Walmart on Saturday to go school shopping for their five-year-old daughter, with their 2-month-old in tow.

The newlyweds who recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary had just dropped their daughter off at cheer practice prior to the shopping trip.


But what started out as an everyday outing soon turned into a nightmare that would leave a family devastated and three children orphaned.

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According to Elizabeth Terry and Jesse Jamrowski, relatives of the Anchondos, Jordan shielded the baby boy while her husband dove in front of them as shots rang out.

Tragically, the attacker shot both parents several times, and they were killed instantly.

“The baby still had her blood on him. You watch these things and see these things and you never think this is going to happen to your family,” said Terry. “How do parents go school shopping and then die shielding their baby from bullets?”

Sadly, it’s a reality that’s becoming all too common. The El Paso tragedy, which is thought to be an act of domestic terrorism, marks the third mass shooting in the U.S. in a week.

Now the Anchondo’s 5-year-old, 2-year-old, and 2-month-old children are left parentless.

“We lost the light of our family and the light of our heart,” Terry told CNN, speaking of her niece Jordan. “She had the most contagious smile and laugh.”


Jordan and Andre were a couple of faith who aimed to lead their children in the ways of the Lord.

“God is my savior,” wrote Andre on his Facebook page, identifying himself as a “proud husband and Father.”


A GoFundMe page to support the children has been launched by family member Tito Anchondo.

“Not only did Jordan & Andre love each other endlessly, but the children were so loved by them as well,” the GoFundMe summary reads. “Any amount of donation is a blessing, in order to help both families during this tragic time. Thank you all. God bless each and everyone one of you.”

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Would you like to join the El Paso community in supporting the Anchondo family and their children during this devastating time? Please join us in praying for their peace and comfort. You may also financially support the Anchondo siblings, Paul, Skylin, and Victoria, by donating to their GoFundMe page here


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