I Don’t Care If I Can Predict How It Ends, I’m Still Watching All 40 Hallmark Christmas Movies


If you’ve seen one Hallmark Christmas movie, you’ve just about seen them all.

There’s usually some workaholic who just isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit this year. They go on a trip to a foreign country to write a news story, have some huge task at work to complete before Christmas, or just run into somebody by a complete and total accident.

Along the way, they meet a free spirit (Bonus points if they’re royalty) who is just so happy all the time and excited for Christmas. They just don’t understand why the workaholic doesn’t like Christmas, which leads them to open up to the free spirit about how Christmas reminds them of a dark time in their life or that they just don’t feel the spirit of the season this year.

The free spirit then takes the workaholic on little adventures to help them experience the joy of Christmas, they both stand up to the bully and/or mean boss in the workaholic’s life, and the workaholic rediscovers the joy of Christmas.

The free spirit and the workaholic fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. And of course, we can’t forget the workaholic’s one or best friends (Who are always the best character in the movie), there is almost always a dog, and it always snows at the end of every single movie.

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And there you have it! That’s pretty much every single Hallmark movie ever made. Who on Earth would want to watch movies where you can tell the ending coming from a mile away?

I most definitely will be watching them this Christmas.

This holiday season, Hallmark will be airing 40 Christmas movies to get us into the holiday spirit, and I am sure they will be as feel-good as they’ve always been.

I know that sometimes these are the cheesiest movies known to man, but that’s what we all need at Christmas sometimes. There’s not much to the heart and soul of Christmas. There’s no special method to its magic, it’s just one of the most magical times of the year!

And what’s more magical than things that give you the warm, fuzzy feelings inside?

I love anything with a happy ending, even if I can see it coming from a mile away. It’s always so nice to know that things are going to work out well in the end, no matter how cheesy or bad the writing may be.

I know Hallmark Christmas movies have a reputation for being pretty cheap, having pretty hokey acting, and being some of the most formulaic movies of all time, but that’s what makes them so wonderful.

Do I ever get sick of a workaholic journalist falling in love with a small-town baker during Christmastime? Absolutely not.

That kind of story is just so sweet and makes me feel warm and joyful inside. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, it will never get old, and I know I’ll feel the spirit of Christmas every time I watch them.

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