“I’m Fed Up”: Mom’s Honest Message to Teachers After Florida School Shooting Goes Viral


Addressing the unfair burden we’ve placed on our educators, she explains that all of the people spouting their ideas for solutions have not worn their shoes:

“And as I scroll through social media today, I see some offering up your services to arm you with guns, train you to also be policemen and women of our schools to combat the evilness that has penetrated our schools over and over. Some want you to bear that load of being the one to pull the trigger in the face of danger, of delineating and diffusing a violent situation, basically taking on second profession, wear yet another hat.

I see these people, most whom are not teachers, offering this as a solution without even asking you how you feel about it, without even considering the tremendous responsibilities you already carry without having to also worry about carrying a concealed weapon.”

With the knots in her stomach building up this week as she’d dropped her own kid off at school, Nichols’ heavy heart couldn’t help but break with compassion for our children’s protectors who do SO much more than teach common core math and ABCs.

“I’m sorry,” she wrote. “I’m sorry so much has fallen on you. It’s unfair. All of it.”

Like many, the passionate mama’s soul is shattered over the horrific school shootings that have plagued our nation, but she won’t let that stop her from fighting for the change we so desperately need:

“I want you to know I’m fighting for change. I am one fed up mama. I’m fed up for our children and I’m fed up for you, our educators. And I’m pledging to fight until we see more and more years pass before the next tragedy, not just days.

I will fight until there’s a time when this is all a distant memory and we can look back and say, ‘man, that was a scary time but look how far we’ve come.’ I will fight for schools to be a safer place and fight for a day when you feel like you don’t have to have your guard up. I promise, I’m fighting.”

She closes her post with a simple “Thank you” to teachers for showing up to brave the uncertainty every day as we collectively fight for a solution that will keep our children safe and our minds at ease.

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“I will never have enough words of gratitude and thankfulness. You are true heroes. My words will never fill that statement with enough power.”

Since the post was shared by Love What Matters, thousands of teachers and parents alike have praised Nichols for her poignant and timely message.

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