When This 5-Year-Old Says the Blessing with a Homeless Man in a Waffle House–Something Inside My Heart Broke

josiah duncan waffle house

Josiah Duncan is only 5 years old, but when he saw a homeless man at the Waffle House he started asking his mom questions.

Why didn’t this man have a home and why wasn’t he eating? Josiah’s mom answered his questions and then Josiah asked if they could buy the man a meal. So they did and they gave him a hamburger the works—extra bacon.

But before the homeless man started to eat, Josiah asked if he could say the blessing with him. His sweet small voice offered up a prayer that drove everyone in the establishment to tears.

This small act of kindness is a powerful reminder—there are no age limits for the hands and feet of Christ.

Take a note from Josiah’s playbook and reach out to someone in need today.

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Screengrab: Local 12 WKRC Cincinnati
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