“I’m Shaking”: Barefooted Baby Runs Across Highway in Below-Freezing Weather, Bus Driver Rushes to the Rescue

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A Milwaukee bus driver is being hailed a hero after saving a wandering baby boy from roaming the treacherous city streets in freezing cold weather.

Irena Ivic, [an] on-duty driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), spotted the unsupervised little boy running the sidewalks at 8 a.m., wearing nothing but a onesie. The shoeless child was less than a year old.

Surveillance footage shows the bus driver’s view of the child as he ran down the sidewalk and across a freeway overpass.

Completely shook by the sight, Ivic knew she had to stop the bus to save the helpless little one who was sure to die in the below-freezing temperatures, if not first by oncoming traffic.

Ivic quickly shifted the bus into park and ran across the street to scoop up the boy.

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“Oh my God, I’m shaking,” she said as she brought him onto the bus, to the surprise of her passengers.

“Oh, I am too,” responded one passenger, while another brought a coat up to Ivic so she could keep the boy warm.

As Ivic patiently waited for police to retrieve the missing child, he fell asleep in her calming embrace. The surveillance video shows the driver assuring the boy everything would be OK as she softly stroked his hair and kissed his head.

Authorities quickly arrived and said that the child’s mom left him unattended outside. Thanks to Ivic, he was later reunited with his father.

With the incident amassing over 62 million views and counting, Ivic has received nationwide attention for her act of bravery, but the humble hero is just happy she was able to keep the child safe.

Watch Ivic’s amazing rescue for yourself in the video below:

Bus Driver Rescues Abandoned Toddler

HERO BUS DRIVER: This woman is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a baby boy found wandering alone in the cold, without shoes 💙

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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