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‘I Am 1 of 7 Kids in My Birth Family. I Was the ONLY Child Put Up for Adoption.’: Daughter’s Self-Love Journey Seals Her...

"I am 1 of 7 children. I am smack-dab in the middle of them. I was the only child placed for adoption. What is wrong with me?"

‘When You Get Home to Your Spouse, Put a Smile On. It Doesn’t Matter How Crummy Your Day Went’: Husband Reminds Us Our Family...

"For 30 seconds, really show you’re elated to see them. Make them feel like you were looking forward to getting back home. Your attitude sets the tone for the rest of the evening within 15 seconds of walking in the door."

32 Creative Proposal Ideas to Make Your Engagement Unforgettable

Discover 32 unique and creative proposal ideas to ensure your engagement moment is as special as your love story. From breathtaking adventures to intimate home proposals, find the perfect way to pop the question and start your journey together.

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South Carolina Police Officer Pulls Over Car for Running Red Light—That’s When the Driver Mouths ‘Help Me’

South Carolina police officer Kayla Wallace was performing a simple traffic stop when she unknowingly saved a woman's life.

Waitress Turns Hero: Rescues Abused Toddler from Allegedly Abusive Parents

“When the blanket came off, her face had a lot of black-and-blue bruises. She noticed the man went to the bathroom with the toddler twice without bringing a diaper bag..."

Woman Asks Uber Driver to Pretend to be Her Boyfriend in an Attempt to Get Away from “Aggressive” Man

"Before I got to the pickup, I took my Uber and Lyft stickers out of my window... I made a mental note to keep my wedding ring out of eyesight."

Watch: NBA Star Breaks Down on the Court Coming Face-to-Face With His Marine Brother

Their dad had died years ago, so his older brother was the only father figure Meyers Leonard had left.

Man Dives 25 Feet Off Bridge Into Shallow Water After Baby Is Thrown From Vehicle in Tragic Crash

Assistant Chief of the Ocean City fire department James L. Jester said the anonymous hero “obviously” has “hero blood in him.”

Man Spots “Beet-Red” Baby in 120-Degree Car at Kohl’s— Then Remembers What’s in His Trunk

It was the ONLY thing he left in his trunk after cleaning it out that day...

Child Chokes From Seatbelt Wrapped Around Windpipe in Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru. Worker Jumps to the Rescue in Heroic Act.

Shortly after the busy lunch rush today, frantic cries were heard in the drive-thru line. The cries were coming from an SUV just outside the drive-thru window. A father was seen rushing to the back of his SUV.