Former SNL Star Jim Breuer’s Faith Stands Strong Amidst Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis, “I’ll Never Be Mad at God.”

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Jim Breuer’s Faith Despite His Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis

In answering his friend, Larry’s question, Jim Breuer’s faith was revealed.

Jim explained that he understands that his friend’s question is a big question for a lot of people, especially those who’ve been given such devastating news, such as his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

“You go, ‘Why? Why me? Why this?'” Jim said. “You can do that.”

And earlier he had explained that he knows that “Everyone mourns differently,” but Jim Breuer’s faith was, in some ways, stronger in the midst of this trouble.

“To dead honest with you,” he told his friend. “If anything, I’m extremely…I’m not mad at what I will not have.”

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Further explaining, he said, “I am so damn blessed for what I had and what I still have.”

Jim went on to talk about how thankful he is to God, instead of about being mad at God.

“Do you know how many incredible, lifesaving, emotional, deep-saving moments I’ve had with my wife Dee?” Jim said, going on to talk about how they had three “angels” (children) together and that he’s “incredibly blessed” to have built a life with her.

“I see it deeper now,” Jim said.

Passionately explaining how his wife’s cancer deepened Jim Breuer’s faith and perspective on God’s goodness, he said, “I didn’t realize how beautiful life is and was when it’s right in front of you.”

More directly in response to his friend, Larry, Jim said, “Ill never be mad at God. I cannot believe the beauty that surrounds me, I can’t believe the beauty that is given to me.”

Jim didn’t leave it at that, though, he told his listeners, “God the Lord, however you want to put it…I hope you find it, I hope you tap into it. It’ll help you spread light to so many others. So many others.”

Watch him talk all about this topic here:

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