Former SNL Star Jim Breuer’s Faith Stands Strong Amidst Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis, “I’ll Never Be Mad at God.”

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Comedian Jim Breuer, well known as a former Saturday Night Live cast member has opened up recently about his wife’s cancer diagnosis, and people are taking notice. Why? Because Jim Breuer’s faith has remained strong, despite the heartbreaking news.

Jim Breuer and His Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis

Unless you’ve been following “The Breuniverse Podcast,” when you think of Jim Breuer, you may think of one of the many skits from SNL where he played Goat Boy, like this one here:

Or perhaps you think of the classic SNL skit where he plays a snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist. Jim shared this one to his Facebook page as a throw-back-Thursday post in 2019.

Knowing him in this comic light, you may not realize that Jim Breuer’s faith in Jesus is strong, and he wants others to know how this faith has helped him in all of his life, but especially in coping with his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

The Diagnosis

While Jim still spends a great deal of his time making others laugh, such as through his recent comedy special, in his Breuniverse podcast, Jim gets real with listeners.

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To be more specific, in his 35th episode, Jim talks about how he came home one day, and his wife of nearly 30 years had left some medical papers on the counter. He asked her what they were, and while she said “It’s nothing. I don’t’ know. I think it’s scar tissue.”

Jim’s wife said she had to have a biopsy, and when the doctor brought the two of them in to share the results, they learned of his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

“So we’re in the room, and the doctor says. There’s nothing we can do,” Jim said. “It’s everywhere.”

Jim and his wife then asked how much time she had to live. Explaining through tears, Jim tells his Breuniverse listeners that the doctors told him his wife maybe only had until Christmas.

“Let me tell you something,” he said. “Your life changes like that,” snapping his fingers.

“You’re ain’t worried about news events…You’re snapped into reality,” Jim shared.

Although his wife didn’t want anyone to know about the diagnosis, he said he had to get it out to someone; so he called his friend, Larry.

After sharing his wife’s cancer diagnosis to Larry, Jim’s friend responded, “I know you’re spiritual and you believe in God and your wife is deep into the Word and Jesus and born again and she found her faith many years ago. How does that affect that now?”

His friend Larry told him he’d be mad at God if he were Jim or his wife. And he asked, “Does that screw up your faith?”

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