The Internet Just Noticed Keanu Reeves Is Refusing to Touch Women, Twitter Explodes With Applause

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While it seems that every other week a new sex scandal or display of sexual misconduct is making headlines, actor Keanu Reeves is stirring up a media storm for just the opposite reason.

It seems the 54-year-old who has made a comeback in his acting career through movie and streaming roles has mastered yet another skill: the art of not touching women.

In a tweet featuring a series of photos with Keanu posing alongside Dolly Parton and several female fans, the “John Wick” star’s ‘hands-off’ approach did not escape notice.

“Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances,” reads the caption of the viral tweet that has now been liked and retweeted over 450,000 times.

Applause was quick to flood in from fans praising his gentlemanly approach to posing with women who may not want to be touched.

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Keanu Reeves was readily dubbed the “Respect King” by many.

“Keanu has always been the MAN!” wrote Twitter user Lissette Jones. “He’s so down to earth and respectful. Not your typical celebrity; he doesn’t gloat about his fame. Love it!”

One fan suggested that while embracing someone posing for a photo with you is not disrespectful, it is thoughtful to be mindful of their personal space.

“Keanu has the amazing power to make you feel hugged without ever having touched you,” added Polly Karr.

Others theorized that Keanu’s no-touching trend is a response to the #MeToo movement that has made waves over the last year.

“Possibility: he’s reacting to the Me too movement by realizing that hey, wait, maybe women want more space, and changing his actions? That would be wholesome,” suggested Mothra Bi.

While naysayers were quick to call Keanu out for merely being “scared” of getting a lawsuit slapped on him in today’s sensitive #MeToo climate, Stephanie Rewis “laid it out” for those doubting the actor’s intentions.

“Perhaps you all don’t understand. I can lay it out for you,” wrote Rewis. “He is touching their back with his arm (a respectful hug). He is not reaching around where he could accidentally (or on purpose, as is the case with some men) encounter a handful of side boob.

“He is a true ally,” she added.

Amidst a society teeming with Brock Turners and Larry Nassars, kudos to Keanu for wearing the “Respect King” crown with class. Chivalry looks good on you.

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