Kids Pull the Plug on Brain-Dead Dad—Then He Says 6 Words That Make Their Jaws DROP


T. Scott Marr was admittedly a man of little faith — that was until he had a near-death encounter that should’ve claimed his life, but instead, he lives to tell his miracle tale.

“This whole thing has been a miracle from God,” Scott told KMTV. “I did not die. I didn’t have to die. I’m back here, and I hope to give people some comfort and hope that if they are, in fact, going through anything like that, that it’s a safe place.”

A few weeks ago, Scott stopped answering his phone and all the doors in his house were locked, according to a Facebook post written by his daughter Preston. Though he seemed just fine that morning, Scott’s girlfriend Darlene became concerned when she couldn’t get into the house and all the lights were out, so she called his son Drew.

Drew broke in to find Scott totally unresponsive in bed, and he was immediately rushed to an Omaha hospital where his children were told their dad had suffered a massive brain stem stroke as well as swelling that led to anoxic brain injury.

“Each thing is detrimental alone & all combined is not survivable,” wrote Preston.  

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Doctors eventually broke the devastating news that Scott’s brain injury was irreversible and had led to “brain death.”

“Each time we would leave the hospital, we would kind of say our final goodbyes,” Preston told Fox. “We thought we would never hear his voice again, see him open his eyes, and see who we were.”

After discovering that he wasn’t eligible for organ donation, Scott’s children made the heartbreaking decision to have their dad’s breathing tubes removed, knowing it’s what he would want.

“Us kids knowing dad, knew he didn’t want us sitting around and just waiting for something we thought was impossible to happen,” explained Preston. “So we decided to extubate him and be there with him in his last moments. He wasn’t breathing around the vent which meant he wasn’t breathing on his own. We were told he would pass quickly, possibly in minutes, as far as they knew.”

But after they pulled the plug, the unimaginable happened. Scott managed to keep breathing on his own.

After the kids were encouraged to go home and get some rest that night, they came back to visit their dad the next morning to check on his condition.

“Hi, dad…I love you,” said Preston, as she entered the room.

And to her complete shock, he responded: “Hi sweetie, I love you too.”


“LET US TELL YOU…never felt anything like that in our entire lives,” she remarked on Facebook.

It was an absolute MIRACLE.

“It was surreal and my heart is beating out of my chest just thinking about it again,” said Preston. “I keep replaying it in my head of him laying in his hospital bed, then smiling, and then moving his thumbs and then wiggling his toes, and then saying I love you.”

During the timeframe that Scott was unconscious, he recalled having a near-death experience in which he had a conversation with his late father.

“He said, ‘What are you doing here?'” And I said’ I’m looking to work’ and he said, ‘There’s no work here, you better get your butt home,’” said Scott.

Now, he’s home in recovery after weeks of therapy in the hospital, though he still needs round-the-clock supervision.

Preston, a registered nurse, is currently taking care of Scott at home, and she’s amazed at how far he’s come.

“It takes me a minute to be in the moment and truly realize what all this really means because the alternative would be he would be gone and I don’t …just to be with him and he’s walking around. It’s just really incredible,” said Preston.

And she’s not the only one taken aback by this divine miracle.


Though not an overly religious person, Scott says he now is firm in his faith in a God who loves, heals, and redeems:

“I’m not an extremely religious person. I don’t go to church every Sunday. But I do believe in God. I believe with all my heart. And now this is just proof for me that everything I’ve ever heard is true. That he loves me. That he’s right there for me. It was pretty much a miracle.”

If you’d like to support Scott in his recovery journey, you may donate to his GoFundMe page here.

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