Grandma Sees Man on News—Suddenly, She Knows Where She Saw That “Small Dark-Haired” Boy 30 Yrs Ago


It’s hard to forget a favorite teacher. Teachers impact our lives in more ways than we can imagine—but sometimes we forget that as students, we often have a lasting impact on them as well.

Such was the case for 90-year-old Lorly Schik who happened to see her kindergarten student, Cory Hepola, pop up as a newscaster on a local TV station.

“When I first saw him, I couldn’t hardly believe it,” said Mrs. Schik, filled with pride at the sight of her student doing big things. “I can still picture him as a small dark-haired child in his K-desk!”

She retired the next year and Cory never saw her again, but three decades apart was not enough to shake the strapping young boy from her memory.

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The elderly woman was so moved by seeing her former student on the news that she decided to send a letter to the only address of Cory’s that she ever had—his parents.

“Greet Cory. Tell him his K-teacher is now 90 years old, enjoys seeing his newscast and wishes him (and you, too) the very best,” she wrote in closing.

Well, when Cory got the message, he couldn’t WAIT to reunite with his old teacher.

And when Mrs. Shick pulled this heart-shaped letter out of a shoebox, he broke down in tears!

Cory couldn’t believe she’d been hanging on to it after all these years…

Watch this grown-up kindergartener’s beautiful reaction to the treasured keepsake in their emotional reunion below.

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