I Know Why Opposites Attract


“I know why opposites attract.

It’s so I don’t spend our entire budget on kid’s clothes and coffee runs.

I’d stay up all night, you tell me to get some sleep.

I’m a feeler, you’re a thinker.

I put up pictures, you’d rather decorate your mind with the memories.

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You’d still be wearing clothes from college, never realizing trends change.

That brick of a flip phone you carry keeps me grounded.

I’d go way left, passionate and shouting. You’d saunter right, calm and reasonable.

We pull each other back to center.

I’m That Wife: Marriage & Motherhood

You see the good in situations even when I swear it’s not there.

When revenge is tempting, you wrap me in a white flag.

You’d never know Miley and Liam broke up, or even who they are.

I keep you up to speed, and you slow me down.

You’d work till retirement, I lobby for a vacation.

While I make sure we enjoy the present, you plan for our future.

I swear we’re messing the kids up, you insist we’re doing a good job.

All the things about you that drive me crazy, make us work.

I never knew why opposites would attract, until I met you.”

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