Ladies, Are You Ready To Be BOLD?

Bold Women's Conference

Everywhere I look, women—courageous and intelligent women—are living life in the gray zone.

They’re toeing the line and playing it safe.

Do you feel like the outside world is bombarding you and telling you what you should believe, how you should live, and what decisions you should make for your life? 

Everywhere I look, I see cultural and societal standards being placed on us and it limits a full expression of love, joy and abundance in our lives!

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I see women pushed to make decisions for their families that are out of alignment with their hearts. I see students pressured to believe what they know not to be true.

If you feel stuck with where you are in life and question what to do next, you are not alone.

These pressures can make us feel less-than and unworthy of healthy and fulfilling relationships, abundant careers, love, and an exciting life.

What if you could take these feelings of pressure and mediocrity and turn them into fuel for taking control of your life with the support of Christ? 

I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Once you know exactly how God’s strength, peace, and guidance is available to you, you will see just how much of your life can change and how you will step out of the gray zone, and into the bold life of color that God has for you.

There are three key factors that women around the world are using to elevate their lives and step BOLDly into a life of purpose.

I’ll get deeper into that in just a second…

If we haven’t met before, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aubrey Matthesius,  I am the women’s ministry director at Dream City Church, and I specialize in helping women discover their God-given gifts and find fulfillment through God’s plan for their life. I have helped create programs that lead women into deeper relationships with God and with one another. I travel to different churches across the United States and share with people how God has so much more for our lives than just the simple day-to-day things of this world!

I truly believe that when women understand how amazing God’s plan is for their lives, they will never allow the world to pressure them to settle into their cultural standards again.

If you look around right now, I’m sure you hear people complaining about how much they hate their jobs, how surrounding events are holding them back from finding a great partner, how their marriage failed, or how bored they are with having to social distance. 

These aren’t people who know that the outcome of their life is 100% reliant on their perspective and their relationship with God. These aren’t people who have stepped boldly into a purpose that is bigger than themselves. They aren’t the people who understand what God has for women—or that we’re able, at any given time, to change the outcomes of our lives to improve our circumstances. Lockdown restrictions, world events, and cultural standards that limit the options we have for making a better life — these challenges should motivate us all the more to be creative about what we are looking to achieve in life. 

Are you willing to sacrifice your time this year by just settling into the limitations being imposed on you? Or, do you see this as an opportunity to take a risk, and go Boldly after what you want most in life, even if it sounds wild? 

Time doesn’t slow down for anyone. Not even while the world was (and is for some) is still locked down!

I know there is a bigger, bolder life for all of us. We’re hosting a BOLD Women’s Conference on May 13-14 in Phoenix, AZ, that will empower women to make the bold choices God has called of us.

I believe that Bold conference is going to empower you by giving you practical ways to step out in courage towards that higher purpose in your life, to stand firm in the midst of the storms, and rid yourself of fear and find peace through God as you pursue this exciting new season in your life! 

It doesn’t have to be the way the news, the magazines, or the social media wants us to believe…

Be bold with me.  

The time has come. Will you answer the call and be Bold?


Aubrey Matthesius
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Women’s ministry pastor @dreamcitychurch Producer & Host of @hopeheroestv Wife to the amazing @ashmatthesius