Little Boy Packs a Bag to “Visit His Dad in Heaven”—Leaves TikTok in a Puddle of Tears

One by one, she pulled out Wyatt’s shoes. One was holding his dad’s bottle of cologne, while the other was stuffed with his dad’s old wallet.

As she realizes what’s in the shoes, Ashley holds the cologne up to her nose and visibly crumbles at the all-too famiiliar scent of her late husband.

“Boy he’s smart,” Ashley says, explaining that anytime her husband would pack to go out of town, his cologne would go in his shoes.

Then she opens the wallet and explains that when Wyatt had important things for his dad to carry, he’d open his wallet and have Wyatt place the item right on the inside flap.

After a brief sob, Ashely closes the video by explaining that whenever her late husband and son would go on a trip, they’d bring her back flowers they picked, “and I promise you tomorrow, [Wyatt] will do the same.”

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Ashley’s video left TikTok in a virtual puddle with tens of thousands of users flocking to the comments with love and support.

“The look when you smelled his cologne like it was comfort & pain existing in the same moment. Sending love and healing,” one user wrote.

“Boy’s got big plans for his trip. I sure wish we could visit heaven,” wrote another.

Several others shared about their own experiences with children who tragically lost their parents at a young age, offering love and encouragement for this strong mama.

In an update, Ashley shared a video of her son riding around on a big wheel, wearing his cape and mask.

“For those of you asking if my son is okay,” she captioned the video, “He is out here fighting crime and saving puppies.”

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