“When It Gets Too Heavy for Me, My Man Always Jumps In”: Wife Says Stop ‘Keeping Record’ of Chores


When it comes to sharing the workload in marriage, it’s tough to not keep score.

The following scenarios are certainly common expectations to run through a person’s head:

“I cooked dinner, so he needs to clean dishes.”

“I woke up at 3am with the baby, so he needs to feed her breakfast.”

“I’ve been slaving over laundry all day, so the least he can do is help me fold.” 

But marriages that run on 50/50 tally-scoring tend to burn up in flames. Nagging from one party or the other over technicalities and brooding over unmet expectations can quickly lead to quite the unhappy couple.

That’s why this beautiful message about sharing the workload written by Jenn Kish has resonated with thousands across the web. Kish rightfully claims, “There’s no reason to keep count or record of chores.”

An intentional and endearing act by her husband prompted her to share some profound marriage wisdom laid upon her heart. Since posting the sweet and simple message on Facebook earlier this month, it’s amassed over 250,000 shares and 36,000 comments.

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Read it in full below:

“I looked up from the dryer and noticed my man in the kitchen. I was switching over the 200th load of the day. I noticed him chopping onions and peppers preparing dinner for the next day. His boots still sit by the hall, fresh from a long week of work. He cuts and dices, I fold and sort. Together, we keep the house moving.

I stared at the back of his head for a while, the laundry still wet in my hands. I thought about how sometimes he cooks and I cut grass. Sometimes he gets up with the kids and I sleep. Sometimes I drive and he rides. Sometimes I work and he rests. I don’t think there is a way to evenly divide the workload — I just know when it gets too heavy for me, my man always jumps in.

And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? There’s no reason to keep count or record of chores.

Tonight, he cooks while I fold. And the load in my hands feels a little bit lighter.”

**This post was written by Jenn Kish and originally appeared on her Facebook page, Sprinkles in My Closet With Jenn Kish. Follow her for more! 

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