Wife Keeps Lost Wedding Ring a Secret From Husband—20 Yrs Later, Her Family Uncovers the Truth

Though they’re small, wedding rings hold so much meaning. The represent a covenant that, like the ring, has no beginning and no end, so it cannot be broken.

Not to mention, they don’t come cheap.

So when one woman lost her diamond engagement ring while on her family’s farm, she kept it a secret for two decades.

Iva’s grandmother was gardening in the fields of her family’s farm near Alberta, Canada,  20 years ago when she realized her diamond ring was no longer on her finger.

“After many tears and hours of searching, she never did find the ring,” the organization Appy Acres writes on Facebook. “In the end, she used her own hard earned money to replace the ring and never told her husband!”

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Iva just recently built her own house on a portion of that same farmland.

“This garden has been feeding the family for years, but this year it had a special gift for them.”

When Iva’s family went out to the garden to harvest some of the crops this week, they were shocked to find Grandma’s “carrot ring.”


“Grandma’s secrets are safe with mother earth no more!”

Iva reunited her grandma with the diamond, which was the original ring her late husband proposed to her with many years ago.


It’s the little things in life, like finding a carrot grown around a long-lost engagement ring, that will have Iva’s family telling this story for generations.

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