Luke Bryan Reveals How the Sudden Death of His Brother, Ben Lee Cheshire, Drove Him to God

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Luke Bryan lost his brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, to a heart attack. This happened just years after Bryan’s sister, Cheshire’s wife, passed away.

Whether he’s shaking his tail feather on stage in skinny jeans and a baseball cap, or huntin’ fishin’ and lovin’ every day on his massive farm in Nashville, Luke Bryan is undoubtedly a fan favorite in the country music world.

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The two-time CMA winner of Entertainer of the Year has been winning audiences for more than a decade with his fun, upbeat lyrics, charming performances and down-to-earth personality. But the road to success has been anything but easy for the decorated country star. But it’s his faith in God that pulled him through.

Losing Ben Lee Cheshire was not the first tragedy in Luke’s life.

In a recent hour-long special with Robin Roberts, Luke Bryan opens up about overcoming tragedy and “living every day” to the fullest.

The youngest of three children, Luke gravitated to music at a young age and started playing the guitar at just 14 years old. A youth leader at his church, Luke began rewriting country songs with Christian lyrics, and it wasn’t long before it led to him writing his own songs.

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“My first song was ‘The Day He Turned Me Around,’ and it was a Christian song,” he remembered fondly in an interview with PEOPLE. “It was just a simple Christian song, but I physically wrote it and performed it in front of my congregation when I was 15, maybe 16.”


“You don’t realize at the time what you’re laying the groundwork for, but it’s neat to see that piece of paper [now],” he continued. “I remember putting it up there on the pulpit and being real nervous.”

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