Man Handing Out Money at a Waffle House is Carrying Out His Mother’s Last Words, “Love Every One”

man handing out money at waffle house

The Waffle House at the Center of Viral Stories

Two other viral stories put the Waffle House at the center of attention.

In one, a worker at Waffle House was the only employee one day when customer, Ethan Crispo, visited the restaurant for a meal. Due to the Waffle House’s policy to never close, the Waffle House employee was trying to do all the cooking, serving, and cleaning on his own.

But not if some of the customers could help it.

According to Crispo, “From the blue, a man from the bar stands up. Asks Ben for an apron, and begins to work behind the counter.”

At the time, Crispo just thought the man was one of the employees because the customer was so natural at helping.

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As Crispo explained, “It was a transition so smooth I initially assumed it was a staff member returning to their shift. It wasn’t. It was a kind stranger.”

But the man was just the start of those helping. Soon a lady in a dress and heels pitched in for the lone employee.

Fascinated by the giving customers, Crispo wrote, “It was just one of the most wild instances of really, really cool people just coming together.”

In an even more surprising Waffle House story, out of South Carolina, a Waffle House was reportedly robbed, but when the perpetrator left with the $324 he stole, he said to the employees, “God bless you. I did not want to hurt anyone.”

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