Man Handing Out Money at a Waffle House is Carrying Out His Mother’s Last Words, “Love Every One”

man handing out money at waffle house

A series of events at the Waffle House have gone viral recently, and this summer, the attention is on one man handing out money at the restaurant. Read on to find out how this man is inspiring us to love every one.

Who is the Man Handing Out Money at the Waffle House?

Former member of the Obama administration, Kevin Cate, was at a Waffle House in Midway, Florida this summer, when he noticed a man sitting alone at a table. Cate noticed this man was attaching notes to one dollar and five dollar bills, and he became curious. So Cate greeted the man and asked him about the money and notes.

According to Cate, the man handing out money had been doing it since 2014, after his mom passed away and her last words were “love every one.”

Cate was so moved by the man, he snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter.

In his conversation with the man at the Waffle House, Cate learned the man handing out money had given away more than $13,000. He’d primarily done this to strangers, and at the Waffle House specifically, only because it is his favorite restaurant. And, of course, because of his mother’s last words, the man also gave people notes that said, “love every one.” It’s a way for him to honor his mother.

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According to Cate, the man said he makes copies of the love every one note every few days so he always has one to give away with the $1 and $5 bills he gives away.

Man’s Love Every One Notes Make a Difference

Well, the man handing out money at the Waffle House went viral after Cate posted it to Twitter, and not only were the people who received the love every one and cash were moved by the man’s small gesture.

And people began sharing their own thoughts about love every one and what it means to them. One Twitter user shared how his life changed when he almost died. This experience made loving others his priority.

Agreeing with the man handing out money at the Waffle House, another user shared how his own dad made a difference in people’s lives.

Yet another Twitter user tweeted about her aunt’s giving heart and the difference it made to her.

In case you’re wondering the man handing out money, wasn’t the first do-gooder to go viral at the Waffle House…

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