Forget Meghan and Harry, Another Royal Couple Just Made Monarch History

Excitement of another royal wedding swept the Internet this past week as American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement. All eyes are on the young lovebirds as they set their sights on tying the knot this spring.

The announcement came just one week after another royal couple made history.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, a milestone that is completely unheard of throughout the history of British monarchs.

The Queen, now 91-years old, and the Prince, who is 96, met as just teenagers. She was 13, he was 18. Queen Elizabeth admits she fell in love with Philip then. But it wasn’t until seven years later, after Philip returned from serving in the Royal Army during World War II, that the two announced their engagement.

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Like the plot out of a true romance novel, Queen Elizabeth’s parents disapproved of the couple’s relationship. But seven decades going strong, I think they’ve proven they were meant to be together.

Their royal nuptials were a bit different than those of Kate and William or the future Harry and Meghan. Though there were more than 2,000 guests in attendance, people couldn’t watch the ceremony on television and had to rely on the radio broadcast for all of the details.

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A lot has changed in their 70 years of marriage, but one thing they can always count on is each other.

In honor of their historical anniversary, the royal couple had new portraits taken at Windsor Palace.

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The Royal Mail also took part in their milestone anniversary by releasing a collection of stamps featuring six black and white moments in the royal couple’s lives.

It would seem that William, Kate, Harry and Meghan have some big shoes to fill.

Congratulations to all of the royal couples!

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