Mom of 3 Drains Family’s Bank Account to $7—Her Husband’s Response Knocks Her Breathless

A beautiful rainbow had bid me ado as I pulled away from work, and thoughts of watching a favorite show on Netflix with my husband while munching yummy tacos filled me with renewed energy after a long day of patient care as a nurse. The shift had been long, but a relaxing evening lay ahead, and I had just ordered my favorite comfort food to pickup up on my way home. Well, almost ordered anyway. I had put in all the food and my debit card information. I only waited to hit the final “place order” button so it would be ready for pickup at just the right time. I could already taste it!

So imagine my frustration when I finally placed the order and was met with a message saying my card hadn’t gone through. I must have entered the information incorrectly. So I pulled over to put in my card number a second time. Then a third. But the real problem came when I logged into my bank and saw the bottom line. My first thought was a debit card hack, but the truth was even more disappointing. Every transaction proved to be true, and it was only by missed calculations and budgeting on my part that we had managed to totally drain our finances. $7.44. That was the harsh number that stared back at me. My heart sank, my mind spun, and my emotions exploded with upset and frustration.

I called my spouse immediately to not just break the simple news of no takeout supper, but also to share my angst over an empty account with payday still days away. I ranted, cursed, and berated myself to his open ear.

“It’s ok, baby. We’ll be fine. It’s not your fault. It happens,” he consoled.

And after hanging up I was reminded of something so very true. My husband was amazing. I never took that for granted. I don’t know if it was because I was older, because I had been through a difficult relationship and divorce before him, or if it was my relationship with Jesus that gave me the knowledge and wisdom to see selfless love. Regardless, though I didn’t take it for granted, I might let problems outshine the miracles in my midst. I had a miraculous, blessed relationship with a man who adored me, lifted me up daily, and treated me with a respect and affection like I had never known. He felt like he was the lucky one to have landed me, and I guess that made it even better. God had given me a wonderful partner to share life’s triumphs, but also tragedies, and that meant more than you could imagine.

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I knew when I got home I’d be greeted by a tiny, grinning face peeking through the mini blinds, and also by a small crowd running out the door to help carry my bags after smothering me with excited kisses. They would say a million times, “I love you, Mommy,” and it was the soundtrack of my life that never grew old. Somehow God had entrusted these little angels into my charge, and every day in their presence was like opening a present, again and again, but never losing its magic. Sure, parenting was exhausting and frustrating at times, but it was also the best gift I’d ever been given.

When I left work I had seen a rainbow in the sky. A promise from God to not harm His people. I wasn’t promised that life would be without challenges or that problems wouldn’t come my way, but I was promised a future without harm, a future that was prosperous. It’s just that prosperity isn’t always a full bank account. Sometimes, most times, prosperity is a full heart. My daily walk was overflowing with miracles, and when you could see beyond your battles you’d see your blessing.

Inconvenient red lights didn’t carry as much weight, and dwindling account balances didn’t cause me to break. Slow internet was just that. An aggravating work day no big deal. God’s promise outweighed my problems and seeing my abundant blessings was a simple reminder of His goodness. It was easy to get distracted by life’s downfalls, but it was just as easy to find the silver lining of any storm cloud.

Brie Gowen
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